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Field Closing

We are back OPEN More information to follow

Jefferson City Police Report

Click the BLUE Link below to view the police report

  • Jefferson City Police Report
  • Click the BLUE Link below to view Jay Barns comments and see the video

    Jay Barns post on his Facebook page

    I’ve been asked several times about this remote control flying park case. The attached video should give you an idea of what it’s like to live with the Flying Park as a neighbor – it is a nightmare. The homeowners appreciate that the Parks Board temporarily closed the airstrip yesterday. I believe this closure should and will be permanent.
    If the Club agrees to share some of the costs, there’s going to be litigation because in this country homeowner’s rights will ultimately prevail over the convenience of hobbyists.
    For what its worth, 45 homeowners signed a petition requesting that the park be closed for good. And a person connected to the Club said they wouldn’t want to be located any place where they are a bother to other people. Yesterday, about 15 homeowners showed up to testify in support of closing the park for good.
    There are other places where hobbyists can participate in this activity. But, like most working Americans, there’s only one place my clients and their neighbors call home. They shouldn’t have the peace and serenity of their homes ruined by someone else’s hobby.
    To the Club, please find somewhere else to fly and leave the families of Heritage Hollow alone. Your flying is a nuisance.
    But it’s not the sound alone. This isn’t just about nuisance. The planes and helicopters are dangerous. If they crash on someone, it will kill them. That’s why the first rule of the Club’s own national organization is to NEVER fly over unprotected people or property. The members of the Club regularly violate this rule. They do so in two ways. First, they trespass over property in the neighborhood. Second, their flying zone in Binder Park extends over the Frisbee Golf course. There have been numerous incidents where the planes or helicopters flown from the Club crashed. One homeowner testified yesterday that a large plane crashed just feet away from a person visiting their home.

    Click the BLUE Link below to view the News Tribune Article

  • News Tribune Article
  • Another NewsTribune Article

  • Action Taken in Closed Session
    October 26, 2016

    Commissioner Plank made a motion that the RC (radio-control) Flying Field be closed until Parks and Recreation and the Radio Control Flying Club reach an agreement, to be reviewed annually, that includes erecting a shelter at least 500 ft. from the nearest residential property line with expenses to be paid by the RC Club, removal of the extended flying area, creation of a log in / log out sheet for licensed and City permitted pilots, installation of a post & cable fence by Parks and Recreation limiting vehicular access to the park, that the RC Flying Field only be open from 9 am to sunset, and that all homeowners of the Heritage Hollows Subdivision be made aware of the FAA’s complaint procedures and penalties to pilots. Commissioner Murphy seconded the motion. On a roll call vote the motion passed as follows:

    Aye: Bates, Chapel, Grinston, Layton, Murphy, Plank, Rowden, Weber, Wilson
    Nay: None

    Joseph C. Miller Memorial Park
    Flying Field Rules

    Miller Park Flying Field is open to the public so everyone can enjoy Model Aeronautics. All R/C Modelers with a valid Parks permit and an Academy of Model Aeronautics Park flyer or standard Membership are permitted to fly. In the interest of safety, the Jefferson City Radio Control Club’s Safety Officer or other JCRC members, shall enforce all the rules as outlined below, under the authority Granted by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
    It is understood that the flying here will be done in compliance with the posted rules and other safety regulations as defined in this document. The official A.M.A Safety Code and all safety rules contained in the A.M.A Official Model Aircraft Regulations shall be applicable to all flying activity at the field. In situations where specific guidance is not provided, sound judgement must prevail.

    1. Individual flying permits are required. Please be prepared to display your permit to Jefferson City Parks and Recreation, the Jefferson City Radio Control Club members or Law Enforcement upon request.
    2. Academy of Model Aeronautics membership is required.
    3. In addition to AMA membership…users of the R/C field are expected to abide by all existing applicable Federal, State and local regulations.
    4. Automobiles will be parked in the designated areas only. The gate shall be locked when the field is not in use.
    5. No one is allowed in barn area without written permission from Jefferson City Parks and Recreation.
    6. No engine or motor running is allowed in the spectator area.
    7. All Transmitters, excluding 2.4 GHz, will display frequency flags.
    8. All pilots using transmitters other than 2.4 GHz, will monitor and make sure others flying at the field are not sharing the same frequency so that conflicts in transmitting do not occur. A 20 minute time limit for frequency use should be followed when more than one pilot are sharing the same frequency.
    9. No flying permitted over the spectator or pit areas.
    10. All flying shall be confined to the air space designated on the aerial map displayed in the shelter house located at the north end of the flying field.
    11. Absolutely no flying allowed beyond the tree line along the east side of the field
    12. Pilots will stand only in the areas designated for flying.
    13. No alcoholic beverages on premises.
    14. Hand launching will be done from the active runway.
    15. Sailplane high-starts will run parallel with the active runway and the line will be equipped with a drag chute or similar device.
    16. No nitro or gas engines will be run before 9:00 am or after 9:00 pm.
    17. Mufflers are required for all engines over .051 cubic inches.
    18. All trash must be picked up before leaving the area.
    19. Spectators are allowed only in the designated area. Guests may be taken on the field or in the pit area only if closely supervised by a permit holder.
    20. When a model experiences “radio interference” or “dead stick”, the pilot or his helper shall loudly and clearly warn the other flyers of the situation. Landing priority will be given immediately to the flyer experiencing difficulty.
    21. At no time should any user fly an aircraft in such a manner that it passes over an occupied dwelling. Flying over dwellings is grounds for suspension of privileges and repeated violations will result in dis-enrollment.
    22. Failure to comply with the above flying permit is subject to prosecution for trespass.

    * Applications for individual permits may be obtained from the Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Department or the Jefferson City Radio Control Club Members.

    Click the link below for the Flying Field Permit. It will open into a new window for printing. You will need your current AMA card and the fee is $2.00 a month.

  • Flying Field Permit
  • Dear Editor:

    To start with, I am neither a member of the Jefferson City Flying Club nor a home owner in the subdivision, so I can say without bias — I cannot go along with the Parks Departments vote to ground the JCRC.

    The flying club has been flying at the park for 35 years, so the homeowners had to be aware of the flying club’s presence when they decided to build in the location. If not, the developer failed in their job to disclose the information.

    I do agree with some of the Parks Department’s recommendations. Yes, I think the club should rein in some of their pilots, there should be a flight log and no overflights of the subdivision. I would amend the hours of operation to sunup to sunset.

    I don’t agree, however, with the assertion by attorney Jay Barnes that the JCRC should move or face litigation and that the homeowners’ rights should trump the club’s rights.
    Does that mean the flying club members don’t have the right to not be shot at? And how about Mr. Tandy? Does he have the right to take the law into his own hands? Although he fired several shots from a shotgun, the Cole County prosecutor has not filed any charges and Barnes thinks that no laws have been broken.

    I can think of at least two. Unlawful discharge of a fire arm in a residential area, which he was arrested for, and how about endangering the public, as pellets hit the JCRC club house, a truck and another resident’s home, who at the time happened to be the new Parks director. A little ironic on that last one, don’t you think.

    Also, there is a road bordering the flying field. What if those rounds had struck a passing vehicle?