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Learning to fly Remote Control

Click the BLUE Links below for more information

Interested in R/C Flying?

Did you recently purchase or are you thinking about purchasing an R/C airplane for yourself or as a gift and want help learning how to fly it? You’ve come to the right place, we can help! Let us know if you are interested in taking lessons by contacting us at info@jcrc.com. You may also contact one of our instructors directly ┬áTraining sessions are dependent upon the weather, including moderate to high winds. Yes, experienced flyers can fly in the wind, but windy days can make it difficult for beginners to learn, so there are times when it may be a beautiful, yet windy day when lessons aren’t given–that will be up to the instructor.

We’d like for everyone to experience the thrill of flying an R/C airplane first-hand. We offer your first three Flying Lessons free, even before you join the Club! R/C Flying Lessons are always free to members and even after you learn to fly, your friends in the Club will almost always have helpful information or something to say about the way you fly!

If you’re interested in purchasing an R/C airplane, either new or used, please feel free to talk to us first or even after you’ve shopped around. We can help you finalize your decision by offering suggestions on what to buy to help insure that you have the most successful experience possible, as well as what to avoid purchasing. By helping you to choose the right equipment the first time around, we may be able to save you a lot of frustration and money.

We have posted a form that most of our instructors use as they teach students about R/C airplanes and flying. Look it over to get a better idea of what it takes to successfully fly an R/C airplane, it’s not as easy as it may appear.

Stop by and visit us anytime you find us out flying at the field, especially on the weekends when the weather is nice.

If you are a new pilot don’t try to fly without a experienced instructor. I know it looks easy, but flying on a buddy box will save you a lot of heart aches.and money. Try to schedule your training sessions close together, and you will succeed more rapidly.

Join a R.C. Flying Club . Contact your local hobby Shop to locate a club in your locality

Be sure that you read your club’s safety rules and follow them.Here is a standard for all clubs,Don’t fly over the pit.

Don’t buy someone elses junk..It is tough enough to learn to fly , with good equipment. There are many good trainers available. Buy a trainer ARF (Almost Ready to Fly), Match the engine to the model and go a little larger, to easy to throttle up and get out of trouble.

Build your first airplane. When you get it finished you will know every square inch of the model, how to setup the servos and all the controls. When at the field with your new airplane and something isn’t quite right, you have a pretty good idea what’s inside when you pull the wing.There is a great satisfaction taking a bunch of balsa sticks and making them fly. If ” time ” is a problem, there are many great “Almost Ready to Fly” (ARF) models available.

Don’t come to the field with a P_51 and expect your instructor to be a happy camper. Trainers only. After you try to fly it, you will find the trainer all the challenge you need..

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